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Sunday 29th April started quite different for many MG car enthusiasts with the upcoming official MG Car Club Malta launch at the Hilton Malta.
MGs drove up the road leading to the Hilton Malta. At around 8:00am ushers started directing cars to their individual positions.  Sincerely, we were not ready for such an attendance.  We thought that we would have around 15 cars or so, but MGs kept on coming.  From the MGTD dating back to 1953 to the MGAs, the Bs with their roaring sounds, GTs, Cs and MGFs too, all forming an array of a colourful stretch on each side of the hotel. 
Jam packed car park, forced us to park more cars down the road too!
The idea of the MG Car Club came to be when a number of MG Enthusiasts, including myself, met for a Sunday drive. One conversation led to another, and voila’, the question!  Why isn’t there an MG Club in Malta?  We all looked at each other, looked at our cars and it was unrealistic not to start off and do something about it.
I must say, boys will be boys, with all this enthusiasm, four of us sat around a table and ideas started rolling.  With Kris Scicluna, already having an MG Page on Facebook, Robert Muscat, a Notary Public, Frank Mallia, an MG guru and myself, with my passion in painting classic cars,  prepared an online registration link for members, a statute for the new club, sponsors to cover our initial expenses and last but not least, the designs for our logo and promotions.  
In a matter of days we had it going!! Registrations, messages, emails, phone calls and in every possible way, prospective members started calling us.  We set a date for the Launch and here we are.
The club is in its infancy, however, I would say a prestigious automobile club titled MG CAR CLUB MALTA, already affiliated with the MG CAR CLUB, founded in 1930 based in Abingdon, the spiritual home of MG.
Back at the Launch, cars were parked and eyes all over them.  Each car spectacular in its own character and style.  Members and guests alike enjoyed the site, wonderful automobiles all on display in front of another Marque, Hilton, where it is currently celebrating its 100 Years in Hospitality.
At the end of the launch, all cars made their way to the roads, a perfect sunny day for a classic ride.  Arriving at the southern part of the island, Zonqor Point, we were once again parked, attracting more people enjoying their Sunday morning, this time with our spectacular collection of MGs. A magnificent fun day! It was just awesome.
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