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  1. Be a member of the MGCC(Malta) affiliated with the MGCC(UK) with over 35,000 members world wide. Visit the official and oldest MG Car Club at

  2. Being a member allows you to access a wide knowledge-base of MG Information. Exchange of members knowledge.  Additional technical and historical information of our Newsletter or on our Members Area within the website

  3. .MG Handbook which is made available to members. The European Touring Handbook contains all European contact details and garages needed when you are travelling around Europe with your MG.

  4. Every member is updated with on-going Events and Functions .  Although we participate in public shows, certain events such as the ones organized at a National level, would allow each member to benefit from a special discount. 

  5. Members are invited to attend free of charge for any events including demonstrations and workshops which are organised by the MG Car Club (Malta).  Non Members would need to pay an attendance fee.

  6. Online free consultations to members with questions and other related MG Issues.  We are also offering special discounts for  purchase of spare parts and servicing with recommended  partners with MGCC(Malta).

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