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We have been officially invited as a club to participate in the 4th Edition of Motorfest In Aid of Istrina.

Event Details: 

Date : 13th December 2019

Location : Pembroke Park & Ride

Time of Event : 09:00 till 14:00


We appreciate if you note the following terms and conditions:

  1. Clubs will have a designated area based on the amount of entries / participants.

  2. Clubs or group heads are requested to distribute the attached forms to the members who will be attending.

  3. It is important that all participants read the information on the form, understand the contents and fill in the information requested. 

  4. Early confirmations are appreciated to avoid last minute confusion and disappointments.

  5. Participants attending the show must respect the rules on the attached form/s.

  6. It is VERY IMPORTANT to stress that safety during the event is our NUMBER 1 priority. All participants are requested to drive dead slow inside and nearby the designated area. 

  7. No burn outs outside the designated area.

  8. In case a member of a club needs to leave the venue, please contact one of the organizers who will make the necessary arrangements for the driver to be escorted to the gate.

  9. In case of issues, please ask the organizers who are more then glad to assist.

  10. Your opinion and helping hand is important for us. Please contact us if necessary.

  11. Even though this is a charity event, our main aim is to get together all the motorsport / vehicle / bikes lovers in one place and spend a great morning together. So let us make this event an unforgettable one! 

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